8 man tournament Full Thai Rules

The 8 man tournament was a fantastic show with plenty of drama, shocks and controversial final

The tournment started with Kyle Nicol (lumpini Crawley) score a 1s round Knockout of Scott Richards (Rama Camp). Ameen Alkilainey was considered the big underdog in the tournment and credit must go to him for jumping up to 72kg from 65kg to fight in the tournament after Mike Egan pulled out at short notice, Alkilainey made the fight interesting in the first round but was caught in the 2nd round big big shot and referee Jesse Saunders wisley stopped the bout.

Sam Wilson (Team Teui) put in a classy display over the very strong Jon Greenwood to win on points

Sam Wilson vs Jon Greenwood

Pre-Fight Favourite Richie Green (liams gym) was impressive in chopping down Valera Mikalauskas (Kash the Flash Gym)with elbow blows the corner threw in the towel during the 3rd round

The semi finals pitted Richie Green vs Sam Wilson, everybody at ringisde was saying this should be the final, both fighters put it all on the line in a bruising which was very close but Wilson emerged the winner after 3 close rounds.

Kyle Nicol beat up Adrian Wedolowski over 3 rounds to get into the finals to meet Sam Wilson

Nicol though had a much easier time than Wilson on route the finals, but this did not stop them producing a war than had the crowd going mad in a frenzy. Nicol won the fight on points but should have been dedcued two points for kicking Wilson whilst on the floor

The show was a great success and i hope more tournament styles take place this year


2 thoughts on “8 man tournament Full Thai Rules

  1. Hey I won fair and sqaure…….. it wasnt a illegal shot, but well timed! This is a big score in thailand and anybody who writes a article about this sport should really know the rules before commenting.
    Surely the referee or any 3 of the judges would of acted on this if it was a foul. Thankyou anyway x

    • Hi Kyle
      Congrats on winning the tournament, the rules do not allow anybody to be kicked whilst on the floor. I am not suggesting you did not deserve to win and it is not your fault, for the judges not dedcuting points.

      I have known fighters in the past to be disqualifed for the same technique and i hope none of my fighters are ever penalized for this
      all the best
      when you fighting next ?

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