Almere’s Finest

In holland March 10 Days Gym and Slamm Events put on a successful evening of Muay Thai, MMA and K1 bouts featuring the best fighters coming out of Almere and also some world class fighters showcased on this big bill Anthony Kane (Slamm), Ismael Londt (Slamm), Victor Kuku (Slamm) Denise Kielholtz of Days gym. In attendance were several fighters from Ropey Gym and Ryan Simpson Team was also in attendance.

The show had the best music i have listen to for a long time at a show, along with some big knockouts, all action fights and a big upset in the main event

Quick José (Days Gym) vs. Mootje el Messaoudi (Simson Gym) Both men started fast, and the crowd went crazy. The first round began Mootje of Samson Gym who started a bit too relaxed and got Jose of Daysgym got through with his combinations. In the second round, Mootje loose and jose got a standing eight count. This was a really good fight to see where both the public the coaches were on the edge of their seats throughout the bout Mootje emerged a winner on points

Anthony Kane (Slamm) who gave away 3kg to Hubert Romankiewick (Thaibox Club Singen / DE) Hubert is a tough little man who rises. Anthony comes with the whole family and makes one a little dance in the audience. The first round starts with a few hard right Anthony sledgehammer blows. The German seems to have impressed them, but does not give up that easily. With full of confidence, he tries to put pressure on Anthony, as he unfortunately fails. In the third round is filled with Hubert against some corners of Anthony and collects eight count. Anthony was clearly the stronger and better fighter and wins on points.

A full report to follow soon


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