Every single fight on the card finished inside the distance, including eleven out of the thirteen fights ending in the first round.

In the nights single UK-1 fight and the most dramatic (not show why people do not just call it K1 your not going to get sued anymore!!), Huyseyin Garabet of Bandogs MMA defeated Khalid Raja via KO for the featherweight title. This was a one punch knockout Raja fell like he had been shot with, Huyseyin had showed he had the power very early when he stopped an onrushing with a front kick to the chest of his much taller oppoenent who fought out of a southpaw stance

Hussy showed why he is Undefeated in MMA and K-1 rules and is quickly emerging as one England top up and coming prospect,Garabet already had a submission win over Raja who may regret the decision to rematch his man under K-1 rules after the big first round KO. Garabet looked in scintillating form moving onto 2-0 MMA with two subs and now 4-0 in K-1.

Dan Movahedi (Team titan) moved his mixed record onto 4-9-0 by securing a submission win over debutant Joe Stevenson of Bandogs MMA

Djo Lema looked a possessed madman last time out when he was humbled by the durability of Brad Wheeler, who weathered his early storm to go on to submit him at UCMMA: Kings of the Cage. Seeming to learn from his loss, Lema was much more measured this time out against fellow lightweight Joe Holder. After hurting Holder standing Lema followed Holder to the floor looking to land shots from top position. Holder would repeatedly roll for heel hook attempts but, as many bouts have proved in the past, going for leg locks can often result in you shipping a lot of punches.


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