Team Redragonz grabs ISKA Thaiboxing Titiles in Essex

19th March saw Romy Da silva having his third fight in onne month grab the ISKA Cruiserweight English Title 5 x2 min rounds (knees to head allowed ) over Mihcael Nunez from Keddles Gyms. Nunez wanted to win by throwing some crippling knees to romy body. Romy controlled the action throught the three rounds the fight lasted but got a bad cut in the second round. With an injury stoppage could have have halted his title aspirations, very patient and not rushed he scored another dramatic stoppage win. Knees and hard low kicks won the fight for romy who would not be denied in getting his first title.

Romy Da Silva is rapidly gaining a reputation for one of the most exciting up coming fighters coming out of engalnd

The bill had several top fighters from england and holland, Bandogs MMA had 4 fighters on the bill who gave the locals some great battles.

young junior fighter Rory Painter of Team Redraognz won the second title with a points wins over Terry Stevens of Keddles Gym


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