Wakeling vs Yodsanklai in London?

What´s next for Englands WBC Muaythai Supermiddleweight World Champion Steve Wakeling? TCC Promoter Bernard Caplin talks about possible next options for Scorpion Gym´s 2x times WBC Muaythai Champion on a The Champions Club show.

You know, after Steve´s huge win on TCC 6 in Pattaya, its not that easy to find opponents or put together an international show!” Bernard released today.

“Steve was so dominating in his comeback fight that even after a 2 year break, he still performed at world level, sharp as ever, controlling a top thai opponent fighting upweight. I really think there are only a handful of Muaythai fighters on this planet that can handle Steve.”

“Of course, Contender Asia star Yodsanklai Fairtex comes first to mind, also Artem Levin, Brazilian star Cosmo Alexandre or Czech Nr. 1 and WFCA World Champion Jiri Zak. Then it thins out fast.” Bernard commented.

“If Yodsanklai Fairtex is interested, London has many great venues, a big Muaythai audience and is my old hometown! What a fight to promote if The Champions Club comes to the UK! We will see how things develop over the next few months, but if these guys are up for it, they just have to call me to start talking.” Bernard added.

“Artem Levin has just beaten Kaoklai for the WBC Muaythai Light Heavyweight belt, also another great option if Steve steps upweight yet again. Wakeling vs Levin in Pattaya next January… now thats a fight!

Jiri Zak in the Czech capital, Prag, another great fight for the fans, again for Steve an interesting option if he steps upweight again. But at Supermiddleweight I dont really see any big fights out there right now, maybe Eugene Ekelboom from Australia, or Shakuta if he can fight Supermiddleweight. But thats about it.


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