February 12, 2011 – Kazan, RUSSIA – Tatneft Cup kickboxing 80 kg 1/8 final – Belarus Dimitri Shakuta wins by TKO

It seemed to be a very dynamic bout where Artiom Mironcev ( Latvia ) tried to dominate pressing his opponent . Though more experienced Shakuta was working on fast counterattacks using his skills .

In the first round the referee stopped the fight due to a shoulder dislocation of Latvian . That was a result of Shakuta’s kicks . After the shoulder was fixed Mironcev decided to continue . Though the round was after Shakuta .

Second round was pretty much the same, but what was quite interesting – Shakuta just stopped hurting his opponent in that injured shoulder . In conversation with he couldn’t explain what happened . He is professional and a fight is a fight and Mironcev knew where he went and what was going on . Seems like Shakuta’s humanity dominated on him during that second round …

Third round appeared to be the last one as the referee had to stop the fight due to Mironcev injury and as a result Dmitri Shakuta went to the next circle of TNA Cup winning by technical knock out .

Parviz Iskenderov


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