Following recent discussions between the UK heads of IKF, ISKA, WAKO Ringsports and the WKA there have been agreements made on several important issues with regards to the administration of Kick and Thai boxing in the UK and in particular to the subject of fighter licensing.

It was agreed that a synchronised licensing system would be a major step forward for the sport, facilitating the following:
· Fairer and more informed matchmaking, with all contests being recorded.
· Better control regarding medical suspensions and issues.
· A more practical and efficient method of collating up to the minute competitor information.

With immediate effect the above organisations will work towards a zero tolerance situation requiring all fighters to produce a valid licence prior to competing.
This licence can be supplied by any group or association but must include space for the following:

· Date of contest
· Name of opponent
· Rules fought under:
· Duration of contest
· Result and reason (points, KO. TKO, etc)
· Length of any medical suspension given in case of TKO/KO/Injury

This initiative will be in place from 1st February 2011 where the practice of producing a licence will be actively encouraged.
Following this educational period it will become compulsory by 1st February 2012. After this date NO fighter will be allowed to compete on an ISKA, IKF, WKA or WAKO Ringports sanctioned event without production of a licence/fight record.


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