UCMMA 18: Face Off Full Results:

Husseyin Garabet of Bandogs MMA gym won via submission

Welterweight Title:
John Maguire def. Dean Amasinger via Technical Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Rd 2, 3:28
Lightweight Title:
Tim Radcliffe def. Michael Pastou via KO (Head Kick) – Rd 1, 4:29
Linton Vassell def. Rolandas Cizauskas via TKO -Rd 1, 4:21
Denniston Sutherland def. Jack Mason via Unanimous Decision – Rd 3, 5:00
Bola Omoyele def. Brendan Cookman via TKO – Rd 1, 2:45
Luke Newman def. Chaz Scott via TKO – Rd 1, 4:36
Wayne Brown def. Michael Sidwell via Doctor Stoppage (Shoulder Injury) – Rd 1, 5:00
Dominic Plumb def. Simon Carrington via TKO – Rd 1, 3:51
Anthony Liles def. Mark Carling via TKO (Unable To Answer Bell) – Rd 1, 5:00
Luiz Tosta def. Tom Dixon via Submission (Triangle) – Rd 1, 1:17
Hussain Garabet def. Peter Waterhouse via Submission (Armbar) – Rd 1, 3:26
Ben Spinks def. Ricci Woodwood via Submission (Guillotine Choke) – Rd 2, 3:13


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