Steve Wakeling, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong and Andi Rogner

On January the 8th all three stablemates training out of Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai will travel to Pattaya and fight at The Champions Club 6. Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong comes into this fight with wins over Thai Fight Champion Fabio Pinca, former Lumpini and Rajadamnern Champion Anuwat Kaewsamrit as well as losing a close battle with Lumpini Stadium Super Lightweight Champion Buckjoe Kiatchuchai. His opponent will be European and French Muay Thai Champion Mickael Lallemand who boasts an impressive record of 65 fights for 55 wins, 10 losses and 27 KO.
They step into the ring greasing their gloves. It’s sparring time. Steve Wakeling from England Kent flashes a job at a distance and then shuffles forward a step working the body. Sitthichai stays elusive on the back foot. Hitting him won’t be easy. Sitthichai is the kind of guy who steps back. He chooses his moments. Low and fast on his feet, he can seemingly disappear at will and then reappear swinging. There’s no hesitation at this point as both men enforce their will upon on another.

Steve has been training at Sitsongpeenong for just over a month. He has now based himself at the camp for his much anticipated comeback. Earlier in December Steve had his first fight in nearly 2 years at Lumpini stadium, winning a hard earned battle. Before his recent comeback fight, Steve was a former WBC Muay Thai Middleweight Champion, taking the title away from the highly regarded muay thai Australian fighter John Wayne Parr. At the ripe age of 26, Steve is still in his athletic prime as he returns to the ring. Now he prepares for a tough fight against Jaochalam as he goes after the WBC Muay Thai Super Middleweight Title. Jaochalam will pose a great threat to Steve. He is a tricky fighter, able to stand both orthodox and southpaw and mixing it up anytime during the fight. After an intense training camp at Sitsongpeenong gym, will Steve will have all the tools to bring back the belt ?

Training continues. Everyone observes as the intensity of concentration escalates. Every second holds a potential explosion. Punches are fired off and deflected. Counter punches, jabs, weaving in and out. Both men move in time. Advancing and retreating. By the end they are exhausted. This is only the beginning of training. They move onto kicking the pads, focus mitt rounds, low kicks, heavy bag work, the whole gauntlet of punishment. By the end it ends in grueling clinch work where Andi steps up.

Germany’s Andi Rogner is coming fresh off a win against well known Cyrus Washington. He now set’s his sights on the big international 1-King 4-Man 70kg Tournament at The Champions Club 6. The pool of fighters included in the 4-man are Dan Magnusson (Sweden), Yacine Darkrim (France) and Saentionoi (Thailand). If Andi can get past his first opponent Dan he will then go onto the finals to face the winner of Yacine and Saentionoi.

Andi Rogner on pads

Competing in two fights in one night, this will prove to be an effort of epic proportions from Andi to pull off.
Andi works the clinch with the Thai fighters. Knees are accompanied with animalistic growls. Using technique and leverage Andi sends his opponent reeling to the ground. Steve and Sitthichai act as quick replacements to continue the clinching. They work and help each other with aggression, capitalizing on one another mistakes and poor judgment. Bang! Andi falls and is replaced in a round robin fashion. The clinching takes more skill than power. They make themselves discover their potential. The fight is on.


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