The 2010 King’s Cup

The 2010 King’s Cup has wrapped up, and this year Thailand once again brings the cup home. In a dramatic and somewhat controversial final, Yodsaenklai defeated defending champion Cosmo Alexandre via decision to win the tournament. This was the final fans were hoping to get, as Cosmo and Yod were the clear top 2 in the tournament, and the bout did not disappoint. Throughout the 3 round fight, both men displayed excellent technique in a close battle. As the fight continued, Cosmo began to pull ahead, largely thanks to a fantastic push kick that blasted Yod in the face on multiple occasions. As the end of the final round drew near, it looked like Alexandre would gain his revenge against Yod and secure a 2nd King’s Cup victory, but late in round 3, the Thai landed a tough head kick that wobbled the champ. Although Cosmo rode out the round, it was clear he was hurt. Ending the round strong, Yodsaenklai snatched the decision win and the Cup.
After the fight there was a bit of confusion and controversy. Throughout the night, fights had been 3 rounds. In the finals, after round 3, corners began preparing for round 4, and a round 4 ring card was shown. It was then announced that the fight was, in fact, over, and that Yodsaenklai had won. A frustrated Cosmo Alexandre stayed in the ring discussing something with officials for some time, ultimately leading to heated words from the Fairtex corner. But in the end, the decision stuck, and Yodsaenklai Fairtex is your 2010 King’s Cup champion.
The highlight of the night’s earlier action was easily Yodsaenklai’s semi-final showdown with UK fighter Jordan Watson. The younger Watson put in a very impressive performance, never backing down and giving Yodsaenklai a tremendous fight. Great showing, even in defeat, from Watson. Cosmo’s semi-final was a more straight forward affair with Alex Vogel, where Cosmo had little trouble scoring the decision win.
In the quarter-finals, the night’s wildest action came in the form of Alex Vogel v. K-1 MAX veteran Xu Yan. These two late replacements put on a fight that was a far cry from the technical demonstrations of Cosmo and Yodsaenklai, but their wild brawl was highly entertaining. Also in the quarter-finals, Cosmo easily defeated Jesse Miles, Watson beat last minute replacement Anutan Siangboxing, and Yodsaenklai gained vengeance for his early 2010 defeat by taking out Vusi Colossa. All fights went to decision.


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