Doncaster Dome 27/11/10 Results Simon Chu V’s Cedric Bacuna

By Richard Cadden

For those who missed my fight here’s a round by round account by Rich Cadden from Star Performance – Fight Media.

Simon Chu (Kiatphontip Gym – Leeds) V Cedric Bacuna (Vos Gym – Holland) Another fighter from the Vos Gym in Holland, and after their last fighters performance I am again expecting a busy spirited display.
Simon Chu and the Kiatphontip Gym is on a run of success this year.
Light the blue touch-paper and stand well back…..
Round 1
Simon showing his fast left kick early, wrapping up against the arm of Cedric. Cedric looking angry, intense and focussed. A left hook from Simon Chu narrowly misses with Cedric being aware of the speed and sharpness. A nicely timed push kick from Simon, knocks Cedric off his feet. Heavy exchange of low kicks. Another left hook whistles past Cedrics chin at the close of the round.
Round 2
Simon Chu holds the centre of the ring and Cedric skirts around the outside. Both guys are being very patient, selecting their shots with precision. A heavy left hook wobbles Cedric to his boots and regains his composure. Cedric smiles in acknowledgement. Cedric lands a good right hand to the side of Simons head at the end of the round, but Simon is unfazed.
In between the rounds Ivan Hippolyte is tell Cedric to block the inside low-kicks with a cross-block and fire straight back with a right hand Round 3 A fast right body kick, right hand from Simon lands. Cedric fires back with a left hook right body kick combo. Cedric looking to create an opportunity to throw the big right hand. Simon using good footwork to avoid giving him the opportunity. Cedric over-commits in to a right hand, Simon slips out to the outside and lands another sharp left hook on the bell.
Round 4
Simon has found the timing to counter Cedric’s right hand by lifting his left kick at the same time, landing across his ribs. Cedric lunges in with boxing but to no effect. Cedric is just not busy enough, and Simon is being slick with his foot work to defuse any attempt he is making. Clever work from Simon. Simon blocks Cedrics kick, Cedric stumbles back, touches the canvas, hobbles to stand-up and Darren Philips has already started to give him a count.
Cedric is just looking for the one-shot knockout, but Simon is just too smart to fall for those kinds of set-ups. Between round Ivan Hippolyte is telling Cedric to change the angle of the right hand, more in to an overhand, but throw it after the low kick.
Round 5
Simon is too sharp in every exchange and Cedric is getting more and more frustrated. Someone is cut as I spot blood on both guys…..but you can’t see who….. It’s Simon. He has split the outside of his left eye with the overhand right. Both guys start to unload in the last few seconds and the fight had to be stopped by the referee.
A brilliant fight by both guys, with Simon Chu taking the WMC MAD European Title.”


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