Frank MUNOZ to take on CARNAGE Corbett

Frank MUNOZ to take on CARNAGE Corbett – November 27 in Australia – Evolution 22 . Pre-fight INTERVIEW
taken from : How is it going Frank ? Two weeks to go ?Frank MUNOZ : We are making a very good preparation,and i am very shape and ready to rumble in australia.and offer a goodperformance out there. : Tell us about your fight experience , titles , opponents ? How did you start in general ?Frank MUNOZ : I have already 46 fights,and i fought in all styles,i become spanish champion muaythai,also in Olimpic Boxing 2008 and 2010,and some fullcontact fights in the bigining of my carreer in Barcelona.I am a well ronded fighter but i love muaythai and k-1 style i feel very confertable too.
I already foguth with some very good oponents like Rani Berbachi in k-1 marsella 2008 makin a draw,it,s was my first important international fight and was very good experience.or also when i got Bronze medal in Wako european championships,against the russian fighter Vladimir Mineev maybe this is one of my toughest fight ever,or also recently with Brice Guidon for the European titel,in La reuninon iSLAND,was a very good fight in full muaythai rules. : CHAKURIKI is a legendary Amsterdam’s fight club . Any secrets to be opened in a fight with Carnage ? Any specific tactics / tricks to be expected ?Frank MUNOZ : We don’t have a specific tactic for Carnage,just the only difference is about the use of the elbows,the rest of the preparation is like usuak every day we train everyday we die in the dojo… : Last fight Carnage won by knock out vs kickboxer from Ukraine, Pavel ZHURAVLYOV , it was massive show for Australia . Will you try to make it even bigger with your performance ?Frank MUNOZ : Yes sure,i go to australia no for tourism,my intention is beat him up,and show to the world who is FRANK MUNOZ, : Carnage FIGHTS with elbows . He cut almost everyone who he fought with , can you please comment this ?Frank MUNOZ : Yes, he seems be very sharpe with the elbows,but for me i am not impressed,it’s just another technique that bouth we can use it. : What is your final destination ? Plan for the future ?Frank MUNOZ : My plan is to compete in the biggest organizations like K-1 Japan,or It’s show time Holland,this will come for sure if i keep working like i am doing right now. : Is there anybody in particular you want to fight with ?Frank MUNOZ : I want to fight with the best in the world, like now with Nathan Corbett i want always even more skylled fighters to fight with me,because it’s the only way whrere i can improve and be better fighter. : Word for your fans ?Frank MUNOZ : Follow my fights,and be stune because i’ll give a big show everyfight to the fans. : Thank you , Frank . Enjoy your travel to Australia .Frank MUNOZ : Thank to you, to make this interview and help to promote kickboxing World around the Earth.


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