Fabricio Werdum not signed to Strikeforce!!

Fabricio Werdum had surgery on his arm shortly after his monumental upset over long time heavyweight kingpin, Fedor Emelianenko. Two months removed from that, and Werdum says he has fully recovered and plans to fight again very soon. That next fight may not be for Strikeforce though, as the #4 ranked heavyweight told Sherdog that he plans to have an overseas fight first:

“I used this trip to make a couple of good contacts in Abu Dhabi and Japan. Strikeforce want me to return in March against Fedor [Emelianenko] or [Alistair] Overeem, but I’m looking forward to having a fight before that one. I don’t have an exclusive contract with Strikeforce, only for the U.S., and I got a nice proposal in Abu Dhabi and another one in Japan… My arm is 100 percent now and I feel that by February, I’ll be ready to fight in Abu Dhabi or Japan.”

What has the several time jiujitsu world champ been up to during his time off? Well he has been touring the world teaching this new guard system that will make MMA fighters avoid getting punched in the face. More on that after the jump.

“Since I couldn’t start training in the month after the surgery, I found that giving seminars was a great way to start my recovery little by little. I couldn’t make a better choice. My main concern during all those seminars was showing a new guard system for MMA that I developed. Today, most jiu-jitsu guys, while on the bottom, just close the guard and receive hard punishment. With the experience I’ve got in MMA plus the jiu-jitsu knowledge I’ve got from top guys like Sylvio Behring, Marcio Corleta, Mario Reis, Otavio ‘Ratinho’ [Couto] and Renato ‘Babalu’ [Sobral], I developed a new guard system that makes it really hard for someone on top to hit me.”

“It’s really impressive, I can tell you that I don’t take one single punch to my face using that system,


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