Urijah Faber chokes out Takeya Mizugaki

Urijah Faber choked out Takeya Mizugaki near the end of the first round of their WEC 52 bout. Mizugaki refused to tap and forced the referee to pull Faber off of his unconscious body at 4:50 of round 1.

It had been an action packed round with both men trading punches until the final moments when Faber seized his opportunity and quickly finished the fight.

This win immediately thrusts Faber into contention for the 135lb title which will now be a UFC belt.

Faber came out aggressive, landing a short right hand as Mizugaki worked to counter. Mizugaki forced Faber into the fence the first time they clinched up. Faber spun Mizugaki around and landed a standing elbow on the break. Mizugaki fired knees to the face and Faber answered with elbows. They separated around the two minute mark and Mizugaki began to score with punches to the head. Faber shot for a single but Mizugaki stuffed it. Faber got a headlock and took Mizugaki down then took his back fast. Faber threatened a rear naked choke as Mizugaki desperately fought to save himself. Mizugaki didn’t tap and the referee had to stop the action as Faber choked him out.

Faber made his debut at bantamweight after losing his featherweight title to Mike Brown losing a rematch with Brown and then losing to Jose Aldo, the man who took the title from Brown.

Mizugaki came in at 2-2 in the WEC with losses to Scott Jorgensen and Miguel Torres and wins over Jeff Curran and Rani Yahya.




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