KINGS CUP -must read!!

This year’s line-up for the big King’s Cup show in Bangkok has been announced.  This annual event features some of the top Muay Thai names in a one night, 8 man tournament scheduled for December 5.  Very good line up this year:

Cosmo Alexandre (2009 King’s Cup champion)
Yodsaenklai Fairtex
Vuyisile Colossa
Jesse Miles
Jordan Watson
Marcus Oberg
Marco Pique
Dzhabar Askerov

The obvious early favorites are Cosmo and Yod.  A year ago, Yodsaenklai would have been the hands down favorite to win, but with 3 losses in 2010, he’s no longer the clear top.  This will be a great test of just where he lies, as he holds previous wins over a number of these fighters.  Can he defeat them again, or will this tournament show just how far he has slipped?

The other name to watch here is Vuyisile Colossa.  While not as big an international name as most of the others, Colossa does have the distinction of being the only participant to hold a win over Yod.  Since snapping Yod’s two year undefeated streak early this year, Colossa has won 4 in a row, including a Wu Ling Feng championship victory.  I’m glad to see him involved here as he deserves a shot at stiffer competition.

Even outside of those names, fighters like Oberg, Pique, and even Watson could be spoilers.  It’s really anybody’s tournament, and should provide for a great night of action.



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