Forrest wins muay thai world title

4th November 2010

Eilleen Forrest

Australian female fighter wins iska world title

Aussie Eilleen Forrest stunned Italy’s Chantal Ughi to win the ISKA Muay Thai World Light Welterweight Championship last weekend.

The fight started off in a very aggressive manner, as the girls were throwing punches and kicks in rapid succession trying to gain ascendancy in the championship fight.

Ughi was caught by a solid hook which seemed to stun her and slow her pace down.

Forrest was producing some great flowing combinations but Ughi would keep pushing forward and showed some great technique in the grapple with some quick elbows and some good knees.

Throughout the five rounds, Forrest was the busier of the two Muay Thai proponents, and she kept punishing Ughi with quick hard leg kicks.

Her win was comprehensive in the end in defeating Ughi.

Forrest fought several weeks before and went down to Claire Haigh in Singapore and went down in the third round of the Mixed Martial Arts bout on Martial Combat. This was the first occasion Forrest had fought MMA.


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