Petrosyan: I’ll become the absolute king of MAX.

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At the World MAX Final 16 held on October 3, Giorgio Petrosyan defeated MAX
debutant, Vitaly Hurkou, by clear decision. He is now set to take a run at
becoming the first ever two-time consecutive MAX Champion! This all but
unbeatable champion, with strength to spare, shows weakness only when discussing
his mother. The reason for this…?

Will there be an unprecedented 2-time
repeat champion!?

After debuting in MAX for the first time last year, “The Doctor”, Giorgio
Petrosyan defeated 4 tough fighters with ease. The theme of the other 70kg
fighters for this year is; how to overcome his perfect fighting style?
this be the first man to ever win 2 consecutive championships in MAX? We sat
down with him to find out what he was thinking the day after his FINAL 16

This time, I was the one that chose Kraus.

— This year
you made it to the World MAX finals again. How do you feel right
Petrosyan: My opponent yesterday was very strong, but
I’m glad that I won. I have a few bumps and bruises from the bout, so I will
take a short break to recover before restarting my training.

— At the
draw just a short time ago, you were the one that chose Kraus as your first
Petrosyan: Honestly speaking, there are no
fighters here that I particularly like, or really want to face. All of the Final
8 participants are very strong fighters, so I know that whoever I face it will
be tough. However, last year Kraus picked me at the draw, so I returned the
favor this year.

— What’s the reason for that?
The position next to him just happened to be open. I wasn’t really
aiming for Kraus, but given the chance, I wanted be the one to select an

— You fought and beat him just last year. Do you feel that he
is somewhat of an easy opponent for your particular style of
Petrosyan: (laughs) Maybe, yeah.

— In
your tournament bloke you also have Mike Zambidis and Yuichiro “Jienotsu”
Nagashima. How do you feel about your chances of making it to the
Petrosyan: I don’t particular feel as if it will be
difficult or easy. I’m just focused on the fact that it is necessary for me to
win my fights and remain until the end.

— As the reigning MAX Champion,
you have a very large target on your back. Do you feel any pressure because of
Petrosyan: I don’t feel any additional pressure due to
being the champion. However, I definitely want to win the belt again this year.

— By the way, how is your right hand? You injured it pretty badly last
Petrosyan: It’s completely okay. I punched hard with
it in the fight yesterday as you saw. It is fine. I’m in perfect condition to
win the title again this year.

— What is it that makes you so
Petrosyan: In MAX no one has ever won the
championship consecutively, right? I want to be the absolute champion of MAX. I
want to make this myown personal era in MAX by winning it 2, or maybe 3 times in
a row.


My mother refuses to watch my


— Your mother used to be against you fighting. How about these
Petrosyan: She still refuses to watch my fights. She
can’t handle watching someone trying to hurt me.
— I guess many mothers of
children that grow up to be fighters would feel the same
Petrosyan: She really wants me to do some sort of other
job. But, this is the path I’ve chosen to walk along. My father is very
supportive of me, but my mother won’t watch.
— Even though you became the
K-1 MAX Champion?
Petrosyan: She doesn’t care whether I am a
champion or not. She just doesn’t like it. She doesn’t go on and on about it
— What sort of work did she want you to do?
I’m not sure. She knows it’s too late anyway, so I guess she’s given
— I hope she’ll come around to support you. Anyway, could you tell us
what you did with the prize money from last year?
The prize money? I spent it all.
— Seriously? What did you
Petrosyan: To start with, I bought a car for myself.
Then I bought my family a house. They were happy.
— Finally, leading up to
the November 8 World MAX GP Final could you give a message to your
Petrosyan: In November I will stop all three of my
opponents, and take the title once again. Make sure to watch me raising my hand
at the end of the night.


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